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Orange is the main brand of France Telecom. It provides telecommunications services to more than 182 million customers in five continents.

  • With Justinmind Prototyper, we define all our applications using prototypes and simulations on various mobile platforms.

    Research & Development Engineering, Orange Spain


Orange is the main brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With 131.8 million clients, Orange provides Internet, television and mobile services in most of the countries where the Group operates. In 2009, the Group had a business volume of 50,900 million euros in all its activities.

Orange’s R & D Departments are cornerstones of the company’s strategy. They are distributed throughout several countries and one of their fundamental missions is to come up with new ideas for mobile applications. The R & D section of Orange in Spain designs applications on two platforms: iPhone and Android. As it is a global company, the application design is often tested in other departments, often located in different countries around the world..

Once the conceptualization of the application reaches an adequate level of maturity, the R & D team forwards it on to the technical team for development. The communication process is based on documents of functional requirements that are supplemented with mockups.

In this specific case, Orange is trying to improve the process of creating and developing innovative approaches for its mobile applications.

The Challenge

Being able to easily manage the changing realities of the mobile phone market by using new tools and processes is of crucial importance for Orange. The diversity of platforms for which new applications are developed makes it necessary to have a straightforward way of creating prototypes for any of them. Replacing mockups requires a multipurpose tool, flexible enough to faithfully reproduce the styles and behaviors of every platform.

The team has people with different profiles, mainly comprising those who are familiar with the mobile telephony industry, as well as graphic designers, interaction experts and other specialists in the fields of usability. If a new tool is introduced, it should be easy to use anywhere in the world.

Finally, another aspect to consider is the widespread use of Apple systems, with OS X used by the team members and by the designers in particular.


Orange resolved to implement Justinmind Prototyper as a foundation for its new prototyping methodology in the R & D area of Spain.

In the first phase, Orange commissioned Justinmind to create re-usable component libraries for each of the platforms they usually work on. These libraries laid the groundwork for creating prototypes in each of the platforms.

In the implementation process, the first step was to conduct a Justinmind training session. This training focused on prototyping mobile applications.During training, special emphasis was placed on the Justinmind Prototyper features for documentation generation. Orange has specific documentation standards that must be maintained. The documents generated should therefore be customized exactly to the types of documents used by Orange. To this end, Justinmind collaborated in creating new templates for document generation.

As a final step, the prototypes were tested on mobile phones. Using the HTML export feature of the Prototyper, the prototypes were published in a server accessed by the terminals. This way the user is able to validate and experience how the final application will be.


The improvements in the communication processes have reduced misunderstandings and deviations in project planning. This was achieved by using simulated prototypes rather than static mockups.

The degree of precision of the new proposals developed has increased, facilitating subsequent implementation. It has also increased productivity in the conceptualization of applications.

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