Welcome to the our Developers section!

Your plugins may be an extension or an entirely independent application that uses our API

  1. Download and install the Justinmind Plugin SDK

    Download Win XP & Win 7
    Download Mac OSX 10.5+
  2. Do a simple tutorial

  3. Build your first plugin

    Take a look at the documents and all the tutorials we provide or ask for help in our community.

  • What kind of things can I do with the Justinmind Plugin SDK?
    You can use our API to extract information from the prototype and generate working user interface code for any framework you want to. You can even extend the functionality of Prototyper and add your own options to the main menu.
  • What skills do I need to have?
    Both Prototyper and the API are coded in Java. So any plugin you want to create must be coded in Java as well. Furthermore Prototyper is built as a RCP application using the Eclipse framework so any extension you want to add to Prototyper must be based on the Eclipse Plugin system.
  • What if I need help building a plugin?
    You can check our online community and ask for help there. Or you can take a look at the tutorials and documentation section.
  • You are the only owner of your plugins
    The plugins developed using the Justinmind Plugin SDK are completely owned by you. You can use them, resell them and do whatever you want with them without telling us. But if you want to share your great plugin with other Justinminders send us an email to jim.info at justinmind.com and we will be pleased to publish it in the plugin examples section.