Cloud collaboration services

Collaborate designing high-fidelity wireframes and make your clients say wow!

Test app prototypes on mobile devices

test wireframe on the device

What if you want your prototype in a real mobile phone or tablet? Piece of cake! Just select 'View in device' and read the QR code with your device. ... learn how!

Publish and gather feedback

share a wireframe and get feedback

Publish your Prototyper creations and your wireframes will be accessible through web browsers. Invite users and customers to review the prototype through our conversational annotations. You will have all the feedback at hand!

Many designers ... just a single prototype

collaborate creating a wireframe

You can get all your team working on the same prototype at the same time and track versions. You won't need to install any kind of server to do it because Justinmind's cloud services (aka Usernote) will handle all of that for you. You just need your Prototyper, that's all. It just works!

Test Early ... Fix Early ... Save Money

usability tests on the prototype

Creating the prototype is just one part of the usability testing puzzle; you also have to get it in front of your users. Our Cloud collaboration services (aka Usernote) let you publish your prototypes instantly to your preferred user testing tool.

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